10 Reasons to Choose Quality Early Learning and Child Care

Expert knowledge Early childhood educators are experts in child development and are trained to create inspiring learning environments!
Intentionality Early childhood educators provide your child the gift of time and attention. They will stop and explore the new flowers or jump in the mud puddles with your child.
Young at heart Early childhood educators know how to have fun! They’re not afraid to be silly and laugh with your child; all while nurturing your child’s creativity and helping to build their self-confidence.
Setting limits Every child needs reasonable boundaries, such as no playing ball inside. Early childhood educators set limits and support families in doing the same.
Love of literacy Early childhood educators read and tell stories, sing songs, and do puppet shows to inspire a love of language and to build early literacy skills.
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Confidence boost Early childhood educators provide safe opportunities for your child to be independent and to become confident in their personality and decision making skills.
Inspired learning Early childhood educators ask open-ended questions to inspire creative thought and curiosity, to encourage children to explore, and to make learning fun.
Life skills Early childhood educators use their expertise to develop programs that use play as a tool for teaching math, literacy, science and essential life skills that last for life!
Making friends Early childhood educators are educated to appropriately support children to gain social skills, which are so important in making friends and developing positive relationships!
Helping hand Everyone gets stumped by parenting from time to time - juggling schedules, demands, and behaviours. When it gets tough and you need someone to talk to, reach out to your child’s early childhood educator!
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The Frontline

Problem Solving Strategies

Hannah Larsen

The Frontline April 2024 issue member resource - Download a print friendly version of the “Problem Solving Strategies” article for reference or to share with coworkers and/or parents. Also, available for download for classrooms or at home: problem-solving process cards, solution idea cards, and a solution idea reference poster.

DOWNLOAD Reference article
DOWNLOAD Problem Solving Process Cards
DOWNLOAD Solution Idea Cards
DOWNLOAD Solution Ideas Reference

Stratégies de résolution de problèmes

Hannah Larsen

Initialement publié dans l'infolettre "The Frontline" du mois d'avril 2024. - Télécharger une version imprimable de l'article "Stratégies de résolution de problèmes" pour référence ou pour partager avec des collègues et/ou des parents. Également disponibles pour téléchargement en classe ou à la maison : des cartes de processus de résolution de problèmes, des cartes d'idées de solutions et une affiche de référence d'idées de solutions.

DOWNLOAD Article "Strategies-de resolution de problèmes"
DOWNLOAD Comment peut on résoudre ce problème
DOWNLOAD Cartes de processus de resolution de problème
DOWNLOAD Cartes de solutions

All Play All Day: Celebrate International Day of Play

Annie Lougheed

The Frontline May 2024 issue member resource - Download the print friendly version of the “All Play All Day: Celebrate International Day of Play” article for reference or to share with coworkers and/or parents. Learn about the significance of the International Day of Play, designated by the UN to highlight play's crucial role in children's education and well-being worldwide. Discover why play is more than just fun—it's essential for cognitive, physical, and social development. Explore practical tips for incorporating play into daily routines, and find inspiration from a variety of engaging activities. Embrace the power of play, and remember to have fun and play today!


Jouer toute la journée : Célébrer la Journée internationale du jeu

Annie Lougheed

The Frontline, numéro de mai 2024, ressource pour les membres - Téléchargez la version imprimable de l'article "All Play All Day : Célébrer la Journée internationale du jeu" pour référence ou pour partager avec des collègues et/ou des parents. Découvrez l'importance de la Journée internationale du jeu, désignée par les Nations unies pour souligner le rôle crucial du jeu dans l'éducation et le bien-être des enfants du monde entier. Découvrez pourquoi le jeu est plus qu'un simple amusement - il est essentiel au développement cognitif, physique et social. Explorez des conseils pratiques pour intégrer le jeu dans les routines quotidiennes et inspirez-vous d'une variété d'activités engageantes. Appréciez la puissance du jeu et n'oubliez pas de vous amuser et de jouer dès aujourd'hui !


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“Let the child be the scriptwriter, the director and the actor in his own play.” - Magda Gerber